Basic Safety Training

Basic Safety Training

The implications of any Company where basic safety principles are not implemented, practiced and audited can not only be measured in injuries to personnel but in financial losses. Every company is in business to make profits, only by ensuring that the entire workforce is trained in the concepts of basic safety can they maximize that profit. It is also the intention of this course to help establish a preliminary safety culture in each delegate that is not only applicable in the work place but throughout their day to day life.

Course Objective
Upon completion of this course the delegates will have a firm understanding of the basics of safety. The concept of having a safety culture, not only in the work place but as a way of life, will be explained and emphasised. The delegates will be provided with the tools and training to allow them to carry out basic hazard identification and risk assessments in their work place.

This will equip them to reduce incidents and accidents in their workplace since making it a safer place to work and ensuring the maximization of profits for the company due to reduction in losses. The course is intended to deal with the theory of basic safety but will importantly provide hands – on methodologies which the delegates can implement.

Target Audience
As every employee within an organization is responsible for their own safety as well as for the safety colleagues, this course is suitable for employees at all levels in the company. It will be of particular interest to those specifically tasked with carrying out of safety inspections or risk assessments in their workplaces.

Training Methodology
The course will utilize both theoretical and practical training techniques to introduce the concepts of modern safety management techniques. Case studies from real incidents and accidents will be used to highlight to the delegates where and how failures can combine to result in injuries and losses.

A basic risk assessment will be carried out on a theoretical installation which all delegates are familiar from their day to day lives to allow them to grasp the principles involved, and appreciate the benefits of such a technique. The course will also encourage delegates to share their own experiences with the rest of the attendees to enable everyone to learn from
both the positive and negative experiences of the other attendees.

Training Sylabuss
Government Regulation
– UU No 1 Tahun 1970

Introduction to Basic Safety and Risk Management
– Course aims
– Why safety and risk management in the Work Place
– Accident Prevention
– Video : only one second
– Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment In the Work Place
– Hazard Identification in the workplace (JSA)
– Control hazard : elimination, substitution, reduction
– Personal Protective Equipment
– Emergency Preparedness
– Case Study : Past Incidents
– Incident Reporting & Investigation
– Basic Safety Rules :

  • Fire Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Machine Safety
  • Office Safety


Time & Venue
Time : 08.00 – 16.00
Venue : Training Center PT. Upaya Riksa Patra – Jakarta Timur (tentative)

Informasi, Jadwal Pelatihan dan Pendaftaran :
Ph. 022.7536405, 7536201, 87301125
Contact Person : Siska/Elis/Heldha

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