Defensive Driving Training (Inhouse Training)

Defensive Driving Training (Inhouse Training)



Most of you consider yourselves to be pretty good drivers and the chances are that you are pretty good drivers. But good drivers make mistakes. Some drivers make thousands of mistakes in his/her driving. They drive too fast, too close to the others, changes lanes too often and frequently become complacent and inattentive while behind the wheel.  For most people, avoiding an accident is  more a matter of good luck than driving skill.

We could reduce the risks that are out ther through our attitude, including journey management and our habits. It takes 30 days to form a habit and 60 to 90 days to change one.  Maintaining this commitment to become the best will take time, and we are willing to invest that time in you.

Course Contents

Day I (Theory)

  • Opening
  • Pre test
  • Welcome & introduction Course overview & objective
  • Driving issue & local regulation

Modul 1 : Aim High in Steering
To train your eyes to lead the vehicle down the road by seeing as far ahead as possible.

Modul 2 : Get The Big Picture
Too see and understand what is happening on all six sides of your vehicle (front, left, right, rear, top, bottom)

Modul 3 : Keep Your Eyes Moving (Inc. Blind Spot)
Keeping your eyes moving  enables you to focus on all many activities that are taking place around you as you drive.

Modul 4 : Leave Yourself an Out
How to plan an escape route in case the unexpected happens

Modul 5 : Make Sure They See You
How to communicate in traffic with your horn, lights & signals

Modul 6 : Managing 24 hour Healthy Life Style

Post Test

Day 2  (Practical)

  • Pre – Trip
  • Commentary Drive

During a commentary drive, you will verbalize all the things that you are seeing, all the techniques you are using and what you are thinking as you drive.
There are fourteen points of a commentary drive serve as a checklist to ensure that participant using  the the theory given before.

The fourteen points of  a commentary drive are :

  1. Stopped in traffic
  2. Intersections
  3. Delay after vehicle ahead starts to move
  4. four to six seconds following time
  5. Sees mirror
  6. Stale green lights
  7. Scanning the steering wheels of parked cars
  8. wheel to ground reference
  9. Glance over shoulder
  10. Establish eye contact
  11. Rough terrain
  12. Equipment abuse
  13. Instruments and gauge
  14. Trained eye lead time
  • Review – Discussion
  • Assessment Pre – Trip & Commentary
  • Conclusion & finalize

Our Reference

  • PT Sara Lee Indonesia
  • PT Panasonic Electric Works Gobel Manufacturing Indonesia
  • PT Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Indonesia
  • PT Clariant Indonesia (Inhouse & Berkala)
  • PT Unilever Indonesia (Inhouse & Berkala)
  • HOLCIM Indonesia (Inhouse & Berkala)
  • PT Yamaha Manufacturing Indonesia
  • PT GE Turbine Services
  • PT Komatsu Forging Indonesia
  • PT TNT

Hari Cahyono & Team
Venue & Duration
Duration              : 2 (two days)
Time                      : 08.00 – 16.00
Informasi & Pendaftaran

Ph. 022.7536405, 7536201 Fax. 022.7536201



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